Below is a list of publications, conference contributions and theses.
The official bibliography (Slovenian COBISS) can be found here (not always up to date).


1. Julio Calvo, Marcos Fernández, Pablo de Castro Manzano, Álvaro Díez, Urban Senica, Michael Moll, Ivan Villa. TRACS: A Multi-Thread Transient Current Simulator for Micro Strips and Pad Detectors. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A, under revision (2018).


2. Urban Senica: Unidirectional Coupling of Light from Nanowire Lasers into Silicon Waveguides. Master's Thesis, Technical University Munich & University of Ljubljana.

3. Urban Senica, Jochen Bissinger, Thomas Stettner, Daniel Ruhstorfer, Gregor Koblmüller, Jonathan J. Finley: Mode control in monolithically integrated nanowire lasers on silicon waveguides. Talk at Seminar in Electromagnetics, Institute of Electromagnetic Fields (IEF), Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, ETH Zürich, 14. 6. 2017.


3. Urban Senica, Marcos Fernández: Calculation of effective space charge of irradiated Si detectors: comparing simulations with measurements. Summer Student Poster Session, 3rd August 2016, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.


4. Urban Senica, Miha Filipič: Simulation of crystalline silicon solar cell top contact using ASPIN3 and COMSOL Multiphysics simulators.  51st International Conference on Microelectronics, Devices and Materials and the Workshop on Terahertz and Microwave Systems, September 23 - 25 2015, Bled, Slovenia.

5. Urban Senica, Blaž Prah, Urban Rupnik: A security system for bicycles. 24th International Electrotechnical and Computer Science Conference ERK 2015, September 21-23 2015, Portorož, Slovenia.